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American Classic Brands can also be Luxurious!

Luxury: the state of great comfort and extravagant living.

I've gone down the rabbit hole of Tiktok and Youtube with the fascination for "Old Money" style, or "Stealth Wealth" and "Quiet Luxury." These terms are used interchangeably and harken to a more clean and sophisticated style of dressing, emphasizing garments and fabrics that are durable and long-lasting. Sometimes these pieces of clothing are called "investment" pieces for their hefty price tags. If you think of your return on investment, if it is something you will get daily wear, such as a handbag or shoes, it makes sense. Fast fashion, while making current trends accessible, has a short lifespan! These items aren't as durable and will not pass the test of time.

Anyhow, one particular segment of this trend has been handbags. Luxury handbags!! I love purses and classic dream bags like Hermes Birkin or Kelly. As much as I love these bags, they are not within my lifestyle, and that's okay. There are plenty of brands that offer luxurious items without the outrageous cost. Remember, a luxurious thing is not a necessity; it creates comfort and joy. It also is a splurge. In our backyard, we happen to have brands that evoke this sentiment. Think Ralph Lauren (We used to have a Ralph Lauren factor in my town, back when it was a U.S.-made brand). We don't need to look just to Europe to access luxurious designs. In the U.S., we have our classic design that feels and looks elegant. Dooney & Bourke is a brand that I have loved since I was in my twenties. I remember my first purchase. I was made at Filene's Department Store with my uncle's store discount.

It was a black canvas monogram signature tote. I loved that bag so much because of its practicality. Totes and satchels, in general, hold a lot of items. After a few years, I stopped loving the monogram and visible logo. I prefer a more subtle style. So over the year,s, I've opted for leather hobos, totes, satchels, and, more recently, crossbody bags. I love a well-structured handbag just as I love a slouchy bag. Dooney & Burke has it all: structured, small, crossbody, saddle, and everyday bags. I found some of the bags that work for spring/summer. These are all practical and beautiful bags.

3) Pebble Grain Satchel - I may earn a small commission from this link.



P.S. This post isn't sponsored by Dooney & Bourke. I happen to love this classic American Design.

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