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Dr. King's Legacy

MLK Photo by Tim Simons

As the daughter of Puerto Ricans, and as a Puerto Rican, I often think of the privileges that I enjoy today as a result of the Civil Rights Movement and the work of Black Americans in this country. We have our own pioneer, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, a black Puerto Rican, who was also a fierce advocate for Puerto Rican rights. Today I want to honor Dr. King.

The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. resonates deeply with Puerto Ricans on the mainland, the community in Puerto Rico and around the world. Dr. King was one of the most iconic figures of the civil rights movement, and his work was instrumental in advancing civil rights and equality for all Americans, including Latinos.

The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which King famously addressed, was a major milestone in the fight for civil rights. This march brought together people from all backgrounds, including Puerto Ricans, to stand together in support of civil rights. The march helped to establish Dr. King as a leader of a movement that sought to bridge the gaps between different racial and ethnic groups.

Dr. King's commitment to civil rights extended beyond the United States and into Puerto Rico. In 1965, on his second visit to the island, he spoke about the need for economic and social justice for its inhabitants. He also helped to organize a march in San Juan in 1966 to protest the mistreatment of Puerto Ricans by the US government. This event was instrumental in helping to bring attention to the plight of Puerto Ricans and galvanize the island's civil rights movement.

Today, Dr. King's legacy continues to be honored and celebrated by the Puerto Rican community. His commitment to civil rights and social justice inspires Puerto Ricans to fight for equality and justice. His example of hard work and dedication to a cause has been an inspiration to many, and his legacy is still reflected in the work of those who continue to work towards a more equitable society. As we honor Dr. King, we are reminded of why it is important to celebrate and recognize his legacy and its impact on the Puerto Ricans here on the mainland and in Puerto Rico.

Today, take a moment to pause and reflect on where we are today, where we need to go.



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