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Unleashing the Fabulous: From Debt to Destiny - Join Me in the Rich Girl Era!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

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Hey there, fabulous readers!

Today, I want to share a story that hit me right in the gut and stirred up a whirlwind of emotions. I stumbled upon a YouTube video by the amazing Rose Han, a finance and lifestyle blogger who spoke about her struggles as a young, broke, and unfulfilled individual. But here's the kicker—her words resonated with me, even though I'm closing in on the twilight of my forties. Yep, you heard that right. Age is just a number, darlings!

You see, I find myself looking back with a touch of nostalgia at my carefree days, reminiscing about the risks I could have taken but didn't. Ah, the fear of disappointing our families and society's expectations can be such a buzzkill! During my younger years, I was obsessed with chasing this elusive thing called "success" and making a steady income. Like a hamster on a wheel, I was running after the American Dream, all while drowning in mortgage payments and student debt up to my eyeballs.

But then, four years ago, a pivotal moment arrived, and I decided to take a leap of faith. I bid farewell to my beloved home, sold it, and used the proceeds to liberate myself from the clutches of debt. It was a necessary pause—a chance to breathe, to stop worrying about the never-ending repairs my old house needed, and to forge a fresh start from the shackles of financial burden that had been suffocating me. Retirement? Ha! That seemed like a mythical creature far beyond my reach.

This pause has indeed been a game-changer, but it's also become a comfortable cocoon that's hindered me from soaring toward the heights of wealth I once dreamed of as a wide-eyed child. The time has come to shake things up, my friends. The pressure is on to make a difference in my life and my child's. I want to leave a lasting legacy, a blazing trail for her to follow. But first, I must confront my old beliefs and the tangled web I've woven with money. It's time to address that pesky scarcity mindset that's been holding me captive for far too long.

Growing up, I had limited resources, and that feeling of never having enough still clings to me like a stubborn stain. This mindset doesn't just keep me stuck; it has me quaking in my fabulous heels at the thought of failing at something new. But guess what? I've had enough of that nonsense!

As I march proudly toward the magnificent milestone of 50, I'm determined to shift gears, transforming my mindset into one of abundance. I'm ready to pour my heart and soul into crafting the life of my wildest dreams, starting with my relationship with money. It's time to believe in myself, to walk with an unshakable confidence.

So, my lovely ladies, let me tell you this—never, ever let anyone convince you that it's too late to embark on your own transformative journey. If you're feeling stuck, paralyzed by fear, I'm right there with you, holding your hand. Stepping into the unknown can be terrifying, but remember, we miss 100% of the opportunities we don't seek, right?

Together, let's embrace our Rich Girl Era—a time where we exude prosperity, confidence, and abundance in every aspect of our lives. It's time to redefine what it means to be a woman of substance.

Here are three book recommendations with links that delve into mindset, wealth creation, and financial well-being: ( I may earn a small commission from Amazon if you purchase the books via these links.)

1. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - This timeless classic explores the power of positive thinking and the mindset required for achieving wealth and success. Hill shares valuable principles and success strategies that have influenced countless individuals.

2. "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko - This eye-opening book challenges common misconceptions about wealth and uncovers the habits and behaviors of ordinary individuals who have accumulated significant wealth. It provides valuable insights into living below your means, saving, and investing wisely.

3. "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki - In this personal finance classic, Kiyosaki shares his experiences growing up with two influential figures in his life: his educated but financially struggling father (poor dad) and his friend's successful businessman father (rich dad). Through their contrasting perspectives, Kiyosaki explores key financial lessons, including the importance of financial education and creating passive income.

Here's an additional book recommendation specifically geared towards black women, but honestly, it is sage advice for all women and financial wealth:

4. "The Black Woman's Guide to Financial Independence: Smart Ways to Take Charge of Your Money, Build Wealth, and Achieve Financial Freedom" by Cheryl D. Broussard - This empowering guide addresses the unique challenges faced by black women in achieving financial independence. Broussard offers practical advice, strategies, and tools to overcome financial obstacles, build wealth, and create a solid financial foundation.

Remember, these books offer different perspectives and approaches to mindset, wealth creation, and personal finance. Explore them and find the ones that resonate with you, allowing you to enhance your understanding and take actionable steps toward financial empowerment.

With all my love and sass,



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