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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Give Yourself. Show yourself some love

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Valentine Day is a great reminder to love yourself!!! Whether you are single or happily coupled up, this is a time to treat yourself.

Whether it is reading a good book or whipping up your favorite Matcha drink, it's important to take time for self care.

Create a Self Care Ritual

One of my morning rituals is preparing a Matcha Latte right at home. I've shown you on Insta stories of how I whip it up. I prefer to use ceremonial grade matcha, Encha, which can be a bit pricey, but I enjoy the bright green color. Since I'm actually ingesting the actual tea (it's not just steeped in water), I personally think the health benefits are superior. And the truth is my home made Matcha Latte is yummier and cheaper than its bougie cousin sold at the famous coffee shop.

There's a matcha tea set kit which is really cute and I got from Amazon. It has a matcha bowl, sifter, whisk, ceramic container, bamboo spoon and scoop. Overall I think it is a good deal. The bowl itself may be a bit small for the latte, but you can mix the matcha and then pour it into a big mug.

There is nothing like a nice warm drink, a chunky knit blanket and a great book to get you all cozied up this lazy Valentine Sunday. I have lots of throw blankets from my happy place, TARGET. Go and get yourself a blanket and some other things you forgot to pick up at TARGET, the $100 dollar store.

I just finished reading The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Dare. It's just an excellent, excellent read. It's a definite recommendation. I've shared on Insta, Facebook, to my colleagues. Just read it.

Dress it Up!

Don't have anyplace to go, well then jazz it up. Just dressing up your workweek Pajamas can elevate your mood. Upgrade your loungewear by accessorizing with a scarf or some jewelry. I've recently been wearing the hoops I got on Amazon. I didn't feel like investing a whole lot of money on a gold pair, so I bought these gold plated earrings. Wearing gold hoops makes me feel young and feminine. I've been rocking my earrings during zoom meetings. It's a whole vibe.

Get your Nails Done!

You know what is a whole vibe, getting your nails done. I've never been one to get my nails done at a nail salon but sometimes I want my nails to have that nail salon look. So I have ventured to using artificial nails. During this pandemic time, I have been doing my nails with these nails by Kiss. These aren't the press on nails of the 90's. These nails look so realistic and it's a short term commitment, no follow up appointments at the nail salon. I like to get the petite or real short nail size. My nail set usually lasts about 7 days with good nail preparation (Follow the instructions). The best part is that depending on where you order, the price is between $5-$7 US dollars. I ordered a bunch and just have them on hand. Most of the time my daughter ends up using them and I don't mind one bit.

Give Your Skin some TLC

Every Sunday I try to do something nice for the skin on my face. Recently I've discovered this AHA/BHA peeling solution. It has a lovely red color. I think that's why I got it. Red is my absolute favorite color.

It's a little tingly, so I would read the directions carefully before using it. The best part is that this product will not break the bank. I got this at ULTA w/ some other goodies but that's a story for a different day.

And don't forget the moisturizer. When I was younger I used to watch my mom's evening skincare ritual. She'd layer on different moisturizers ever so gently. Her favorite brand has always been Lancome.

My mom raised three kids on her own, often working two jobs. She'd save up her money so that she could treat herself by getting high quality skin care products and perfumes. My mom's happy place is Macy's. My happy place is Target. When you are a mom, especially a single mom, it feels like you are giving of yourself all the time. It feels nice to do something loving and kind for yourself. This past weekend when I went to ULTA, the scent of the Lancome skincare line reminded me of my mom. I picked up a cute pink glass bottle of the Lancome Hydra Zen Anti Stress Glow Mositurizer. The Anti Stress and Glow on the name got did the scent. Something about applying it to my skin helps me feel connected me to my mom.

Prioritize yourself and Take Care of Yourself.

Love who you are, where you are in life and the process of maturing. We are all on different journeys and there is no comparison.

On this day dedicated to Love, give yourself a hug and tell yourself just how truly amazing you are. Because you are AMAZING.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!



As an Amazon Associate I earn a commission for qualifying purchases if you use the affiliate links. I am not affiliated with Target or ULTA Beauty.


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