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Unlock your Power of Communication

Hey, lovelies! If relationships were a cocktail then communication could be that essential ingredient that binds them together like a good old dash of bitters or even vermouth. Therefore, let’s discuss how it is good if not necessary for understanding of communication patterns within close relationships. Let’s go ahead then, grab that cup of yours.

Know Thyself: What's Your Communication Style?

Let's kick off with some real talk: First, you need to have a sense of where your own rhythm is before you can understand that of other people. Have you ever gotten really psyched on something? Perhaps, you’re the silent poet that communicates using bodily gestures. (Isn’t that saying that one look can tell more than thousand of words?); It helps in determining natural way of communication opens doors for a good conversation.

And, let us move further then. Ask yourself: Why do you speak as you speaker? Is there something which makes you hot and speechless? Are you always in an alien land when it come to how people reaction about you? Plunge into that emotional landscape; because the more you know, the better you grow.

Unraveling The Lovelanguage Tango

Any relationship does not have to communicate only with itself; communication is life itself. There have been times where we’ve thought, “What are we fighting for?” Breaking it down to words, body language and what have you makes so much difference. Bonus: It’s as though it were a microphone into the depths of your most intact love relations.

Rest assured, improved communication equals to less of misunderstandings. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win situation?

Healthy interpersonal skills as a Yin and Yang.

Put up your hand if you have ever come across a term called communication, which you perceived as mere talk. Yep, we're all guilty. However, it is a double-way road as well; when you do not listen, honey, you are also missing something.

First of all, it would be necessary to clarify that assertiveness is not equivalent to behaving like a bull in a china shop. Letting out your views boldly, not overpowering others.

Connection Building: Let's Level Up!

Ah yes, that most elusive dance called ‘meaningful interaction’ – is not it so! Being really present is like issuing VIP passes into your feeling world. Well, do not only share facts but use storytelling techniques like metaphors or humor to liven things up. Along with it, the conversation sundae will also have some sprinkles on top!

Lastly, remember being unpretentious as it suits you perfectly. Rock it and own it!

It is time for a Communication Wardrobe Check.

Everyone has their communication comfort zones, just as a person does with his or her favorite sweater. But guess what? Switching it up can also be beneficial at times. Try a minute with your style and get it up-to-date.

Well, changing is not so bad! On the contrary, it improves all things.

In a nutshell, lovelies, effective communication is the basis of all strong relationships. So, just as with your favorite skincare routine, it also requires constant care. The key takeaway? Be ready to rework your style.

Well, it is about time! Prepared to take your communication up a notch? Let’s start with a chat by dropping any statement here.




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